Miami 2007 December 56789

54 leporello pages of color printed pigment prints onto watercolor paper with titled black blind embossed covers, housed in cloth box with colophon pasted down. This book was made with the implementation of the “Drawing Machine,” a yummy Industries recording instrument, which was installed in a designated space during an art fair. The concept was for YI to create a situation where artists, children, and/or people attending the art fair could use the “Drawing Machine” and interact/collaborate with them or just draw side by side. During the period of 5 days, they were always active at the table while all kinds of people sat down and drew on a piece of paper from a 20 meter roll which then got folded as the paper filled up with drawings. The result being an accordion style book of drawings. This unique book which remains with the Yummy Industries archive was sent to Factum Arte in Madrid, Spain who specializes in scanning paintings to make expertly printed reproductions. They were able to scan the entire book, color match over 250 colors, and print with color pigments on water color paper to a 1 to 1 size and make this edition a reality. Drawing Machine- Is a portable wooden table made without any screws that has 2 benches on either side of a 3ft by 6ft piece of flat wood; the roll of paper is held on one end of the table by a dowel, stretches over the to surface and collapses on the other end of the table into a folding mechanism that shapes the paper into a book, which people are able to view directly.

Los Angeles | CA | summer of 1998

one sunny afternoon, while cruising on our bicycles on 16th street in Huntington beach…

Yummy Industries was founded by Francesca and Bernhard for the purpose of exploring and defining the fine line that runs between science and nonsense.

based in Basel, Switzerland during summer/fall,

and in Luz, Portugal during winter/spring.

we are a independent project-driven couple, often working in collaboration with other artists, mixing innovative elixirs, doubts and irony;

we are interested in the creation and the realization of an idea, it does not matter in which field it ends up being, the challenge makes the project more interesting…

Miami | FL | winter of 2007

The drawing machine took us to miami, placed in the entrance hall of scope for five days, we have been sharing drawing time with many visitors.

PARIS | FR | Fall 2008

we will be at the centre pompidou drawing and making a book with the DRAWING MACHINE during those 3 days; there will be also some of our other small and oversized books at irving Zucker art books stand; see you there!